Ridenour Auto Group

500 W Broadway
New Lexington, OH 43764

Phone: 7403425146
Fax: 7403424089
Welcome to Ridenour Auto Group. We are a factory authorized dealer for Eclipse Aluminum Horse Trailers, along with Chrysler, Ford, Dodge and Jeep products. We use the products we sell, and can provide trailer / truck combination packages as well. And since Eclipse manufactures just up the road from us, there is never a freight charge, if you pick up at our store. Please call us any time, we are glad to answer any questions you may have.
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2014 Eclipse 1 Horse DeluxeNew2014BPHT Eclipse Aluminum Trailers 10$11,495.00
Gooseneck DeluxeNew2014GNHT Eclipse Aluminum Trailers 20$23,295.00
E1306New2014BPST Eclipse Aluminum Trailers Small Animal Box  0$4,090.00
H1401New2015n/aHT Hawk Trailers 3 horse slant/dress/custom 30$16,945.00
H1402New2015BPHT Hawk Trailers 2 horse slant custom 20$13,935.00
H1400New2015BPHT Hawk Trailers 2 Horse Straight Load 20$14,715.00
 n/a n/an/a  0 
 n/a n/an/a  0 
H1413n/a2015BPn/a Hawk Trailers Manger 20$13,900.00
H1416New2015BPHT Hawk Trailers 3 Horse Slant w/dress 20$17,000.00
H1417n/a2015GNHT Hawk Trailers Gooseneck 30$18,868.00
H1411New2015n/aHT Hawk Trailers  0$13,495.00
H1411n/a2015BPn/a Hawk Trailers 2 horse straight load 20$13,995.00
Ridenour Tack Boxn/a2015n/an/a Portable All Oak  0$1,395.00
Cargo Box and TrailerNew2014BPST Eclipse Aluminum Trailers Cargo Box  0$3,500.00
H1436New2015n/aHT Hawk Trailers  0$12,595.00
H1435New2015n/aHT Hawk Trailers  0$13,795.00
Hawk GN Living Quarters!New2015n/aHT Hawk Trailers LIVING QUARTERS  0$52,225.00
3410New2015BPHT Hawk Trailers 2 Horse Straight Custom Side Ramp 20$13,945.00
3405New2015BPn/a Hawk Trailers 2 Horse Straight Load Elite 20$14,469.00
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