Sparta Chevrolet & Trailer Sales

8955 Sparta Ave
Sparta, MI 49345

Phone: 866-977-2782
Fax: 616-887-1851

Sparta Chevrolet serving Grand Rapids Michigan - featuring Cimarron Trailers, Trails West, and Lakota Living Quarters, New, Proud to offer Sundowner Trailers.

Also We keep a full inventory of Trucks New and Used

Jim Kelly
Trailer Manager
Sparta Chevrolet & Trailer Sales
616-887-1791 Office
866-977-2782 Toll Free
616-437-2080 Cell 

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SP3495Used2004GNHT Trails West Trailers 3H GN 30$9,900.00
CMR048Demo2013GNHT Cimarron Trailers 6H GN 60$36,900.00
CMR050New2013GNHT Cimarron Trailers 3 Horse GN 30$22,900.00
TRW045New2014BPHT Trails West Trailers 2 Horse Adventure 20$7,689.00
CMR052New2013BPHT Cimarron Trailers Warmblood 20$14,900.00
SUN148New2014BPHT Sundowner Trailers 3 Horse Sportman BP 30$15,100.00
TRW057New2014BPHT Trails West Trailers Adventure 20$7,689.00
CmanUsed2004GNHT Sidekick 3Horse Living Quarter 30$25,900.00
TRW058New2014BPHT Trails West Trailers 2 Horse Adventure 20$7,689.00
SUN109CUsed1996GNHT Titan Trailer 3H Slant 30$5,500.00
CMR055New2014GNHT Cimarron Trailers 3Horse Living Quarter 30$55,900.00
TRW062New2014BPHT Trails West Trailers 3H Adventure MX 30$10,500.00
112Used2007GNHT Sundowner Trailers 3 Horse Living Quarter 30$45,000.00
SUN154New2014BPHT Sundowner Trailers 2 Horse Charter SE 20$15,500.00
SUN156New2014GNHT Sundowner Trailers 3 Horse Santa Fe 30$29,900.00
C103Used2006GNHT Cimarron Trailers 4 Horse Living Quarter 40$44,900.00
SUN155New2014GNHT Sundowner Trailers 3H Living Quarter 30$39,900.00
SUN153New2014BPHT Sundowner Trailers 2 Horse Sportman 20$12,900.00
SUN161New2014BPHT Sundowner Trailers Sportman BP 30$15,200.00
SUN162New2014BPHT Sundowner Trailers Sportman BP 30$15,900.00
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