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Winthrop, ME 04364

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Exciting news! We offer the largest IN STOCK trailer selection in the North East available for immediate delivery and offered at distributor discounted prices! If you have not been here in awhile you will be very impressed with the even larger selection. As always we try to stock the most popular trailers & colors. We now have a large in-stock selection of living quarter & weekender trailers.

We are the northeast distributor for Several cargo, auto, bike & snowmobile trailers. We are now stocking a HUGE SELECTION of all models. We are now implementing a sales program allowing us to sell TRAILERS WHOLESALE to the public! Visit our cargo trailer pages and see why we sell trailers NATION WIDE!

We will continue operating with “no hassle” pricing. As a volume dealer, the more trailers we purchase the larger discount we receive, which allows us to pass on the savings to our customers. We refuse to insult our customers by selling to one at a lower price than another. We offer the lowest price possible to ALL customers because you are all equally valuable to us. As always, we offer low pressure sales, backed by our experience and expertise in the horse and trailer business. Our goal is to make all of our customers feel comfortable and confident with every trailer purchase. We not only want to earn your business by selling you your first trailer, but we want to continue that relationship for many years to come!

We are eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Warmest regards, Will, Sonya, Kevin, Dave & Kyle

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 New BPCE All 2015 Units Must Go  0$1,995.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C7-2-7 - 2 Horse Lakota w/ Living Quarters 20$29,352.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C7-3-9RN - Living Quarters 30$33,804.00
 Used2012n/aHT Hawk Trailers 2HDR-MID-WS  0$11,980.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C7-3-9RN - Living Quarters 30$33,804.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C7-3-11SO - 3 Horse Living Quarter 31$40,016.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers LC8-3-11 30$42,352.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C8-3-16 30$52,595.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C8-4-16SO  0$54,480.00
 New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C8-4-17SO 40$67,895.00
 New2016BPHT Hawk Trailers 2HDR-VE-PB 20$12,195.00
 New2016BPHT Hawk Trailers 2HDR-MID-WS 20$13,895.00
 New2016BPHT Hawk Trailers 2HBP-LDD-WS 20$14,995.00
 New2016BPHT Hawk Trailers 2HBP-LDD-PB  0 
 New2016BPHT Homesteader W2HBPDRVE 20$11,595.00
 New2016BPHT Homesteader W2HBPDR 20$12,595.00
 New2016BPHT Homesteader S2HBPDR-XT 20$12,995.00
 New2016BPHT Homesteader S3HBPSLT-XT 30$14,395.00
 New2016GNHT Homesteader S2HGN-XT 20$14,995.00
 New2016n/aHT Homesteader S3HGNSLT 30$16,895.00
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