Goodrich Trailer Sales

Interstate 94 Exit 52
Elk Mound, WI 54739

Phone: 800-831-4916 or 715-879-4916
Fax: 715-879-4922
Goodrich Trailer Sales is a full service dealership specializing in custom trailers. We carry a large selection of horse trailers with and without living quarters by Exiss, Lakota, Platinum Coach and Adam. Goodrich Trailer Sales has a full service shop specializing in trailer repair, modification and hitch installation. Financing is available w/a/c. Ask about our nationwide delivery.
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10819New2014GNHT Platinum Coach 8413 40$59,995.00
11591New2014BPHT Adam Straight Load 20$7,999.00
11678New2015GNHT Platinum Coach 8313 30$64,995.00
11963New2015GNHT Lakota Trailers Charger 8311 30$42,995.00
12182New2016n/aHT Lakota Trailers Charger 30$14,495.00
12181New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers Charger 40$21,950.00
12178AUsed1995GNHT Southern Classic 3 HORSE GN 30$9,995.00
11623BUsed1999GNHT Featherlite Trailers 3 HOSRE GN 30$3,495.00
12340New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers 8411 40$45,495.00
11816AUsed2009GNHT Cimarron Trailers 3 HORSE LQ 30$24,995.00
12322New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers Charger 8313 30$49,995.00
12343New2015BPHT Delta Trailers Slant 30$6,550.00
12342New2015BPHT Delta Trailers 3 Horse Slant 30$6,795.00
12405New2016BPHT Lakota Trailers Charger Straight Load 20$13,495.00
11730AUsed2014GNHT Bison Trailer ALUMAPORT 2H LQ 20$24,995.00
12495New2016GNST Lakota Trailers 811 00$41,995.00
12494New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers 7311 Slide 30$39,995.00
12313New2015GNHT Exiss Trailers Explorer 6410 Slide 40$45,995.00
10913Used2014GNST Platinum Coach 16 00$13,995.00
12493New2016GNHT Lakota Trailers C311 SLIDE 30$39,995.00
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