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Dixie Horse & Mule Co. is your source for horse trailers for sale & livestock trailers. You can find a large selection of new, used and repo horse trailers online. We are dealers for Bison horse trailers, Lakota horse trailers, Sundowner horse trailers, and Dixie Tuff.

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5713Used2005GNHT Cimmaron 8412MTLQ 40$39,995.00
5788New2013GNHT Bison Stratus 8414GLQBK 41$54,665.00
5828New2013BPHT Sundowner Trailers PERFORMER2HBP 20$13,995.00
5986Used2001GNHT Exiss Trailers SS306LQ 30$16,995.00
6075Used1998GNHT Cherokee Trailers Silver Cloud 20$10,995.00
6108New2014GNHT Lakota Trailers Charger 8315GLQ 31$51,982.00
6150New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Ranger 8414GLQSD 41$44,931.00
6202New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Ranger 8312GLQ 31$40,837.00
6204New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Premier 8317GLQDG 31$56,320.00
6205Used2011GNHT Lakota Trailers 8415GLQ 41$47,995.00
6207Used1999GNHT Sooner Trailers 8310MTLQ Whisper Plus 30$28,995.00
6211New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Silverado 8316GLQUG 31$66,303.00
6231Used2002GNHT Dreamcoach 8310LQ 30$33,995.00
6237New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Silverado 8416LQ Super Glide UG 41$69,600.00
6240New2014GNHT Bison Stratus Express 8316GLQ 31$47,697.00
6258Used2006GNHT Bison Stratus 8316GLQ 31$39,995.00
6302New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Ranger 8310GLQ 31$39,124.00
6303New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Premier 8417GLQSD 41$60,849.00
6323Used2008GNHT Sundowner Trailers 8410LQ 40$29,995.00
6327New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Premier 8417GLQSD 41$61,251.00
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