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Newton, AL 36352

Phone: 877-694-5665

Horse Trailers for Sale

Dixie Horse & Mule Co. is your source for horse trailers for sale & livestock trailers. You can find a large selection of new, used and repo horse trailers online. We are dealers for Bison horse trailers, Lakota horse trailers, Sundowner horse trailers, and Dixie Tuff.

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97239Used2002GNHT Dreamcoach 8310LQ 30$31,995.00
03716New2014GNHT Bison Trailer Premiere 8417GLQUG 41$70,071.00
46541Used2008n/aTruck Ford F650 00$44,995.00
04020New2015GNHT Bison Trailer Premiere 8317GLQ 31$63,995.00
87658Used2014GNHT Lakota Trailers 8313GLQ 31$49,995.00
03810Used2014GNHT Bison Trailer 8314GLQ 31$44,995.00
03876Used1998n/aTruck GMC Kodiak C6500 00$29,995.00
03856Used2014GNHT Bison Trailer 7260LQ 20$23,995.00
A9275New2015GNHT Sundowner Trailers SS4HGN 40$20,263.00
A9399New2015BPHT Sundowner Trailers SPORTMAN3HBP 30$16,070.00
A9337New2015GNHT Sundowner Trailers SPORTMAN4HGN 40$22,721.00
04010New2015GNHT Bison Trailer Laredo 8310GLQ 31$47,995.00
04022New2015GNHT Bison Trailer Premiere 8417GLQSD 41$64,995.00
56432Used2000n/aTruck Freightliner FL50 00$24,995.00
04241New2015GNHT Bison Trailer Ranger 8310GLQ 31$44,995.00
92629Used1997n/aTruck Freightliner FL70 00$29,995.00
00229New2015GNHT Lakota Trailers BIGHORN 8416GLQ 41$69,841.00
00283New2015GNHT Lakota Trailers BIGHORN 8416GLQ 41$71,723.00
85053Used2001n/aTruck Sterling M6500 00$24,995.00
04387New2015GNHT Bison Trailer Ranger 8410GLQ 41$46,995.00
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